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            關于我們 ABOUT US

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            Sincerity, Quality, Serve







            Jiangxi zhongtian machinery co., LTD. wasestablished in the year of 2003, the more than a decade transit developmenthistory was full of co-operation at home and abroad , parties to the contractand common development hand in hand. For more than ten years, we are always forthe purpose of create a common value, and always keep "focus on customer’s satisfaction,  continuous improvement" quality policy,march forward with big strides, now Zhongtian has developed as one of theleading brand of domestic in the construction machinery industry.

                 Our mission is to "provide customershigh-quality products, honesty molded inheritance". Customers is not onlythe fundamental element to survival, development , and also the existencereason and value for us. “Market-oriented and customer-focused", the pursuit ofexcellence quality and first-class services is the goals and commitments wewill never change! Integrity management is the eternal pursuit of management,Integrity management is the eternal business pursuit of transit, ensure theproduct safety and quality, protect the interests of customers is our constantfaith.

                 By the sincerely cooperation with customersfor years, we promoted our service consciousness, improve our management level,improve our service system, promote the rapid growth of our business with eachother. Zhongtian sincerely thank you for understanding and support. We willalways bearing the gratitude in our mind, sincerely treat every customer,provide high quality products and considerate professional service.

                "Take challenges as opportunities,show the defiant spirit" is the spirit of the era have entrusted tozhongtian people. construction machinery industry and other industries, arealways ups and downs, but always moving forward. We are look forward to theprospects of construction machinery industry, and make a commitment to theglorious career. In the process of the pursuit of a dream, athough there arechallenges, crisis, no way is impossible to courage. we take every challengeas  a opportunity  to consummating and challenge ourselves.We donot change for the world ‘s change, but keep up with the development of The Times’development.

                  As a manufacturing company, zhongtianstrategic positioning is “obtain victory by quality to create the future”. Thepursuit of quality, not only as the foundation of enterprise development, butalso become the target motivation and criterion that enterprise realized tostrategic for recent five years. The "quality" can be widelyunderstood as: product quality, performance quality, efficial service, teamharmonic, personal accomplishment etc.

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